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  • What bookshops sell Clogball?
    We are still organising for bookshops across Australia to stock Clogball. We will post here when stores are confirmed.
  • What sort of book is Clogball? Will I enjoy it if I'm not into soccer?
    This is an immigration story through the lens of soccer, so you can enjoy the book even if you are not a big soccer fan. There are stories of WWII and Australia in the 1950's as well as chapters on how the Dutch influenced all aspects of Australian life. To really enjoy the book, you probably need to be interested in history, the Dutch or soccer. And, if you are interested in two of those three, you'll really enjoy Clogball. Of course, if you are interested in all three, this book was made for you.
  • How is the shipping cost calculated?
    We are using the standard rate of shipping with Australia Post, however the book is nearly 1kg so it's not cheap to send to you, especially overseas. Sorry about the cost but at least you get a lot of words in your purchase!
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